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Our Programs

How To Volunteer

Handing Out Food & Water

Come and join us every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday as we serve our community by helping us hand out food and water to those who are hungry and thirsty.


Meal Prep

All the wonderful meal packs we're able to give out have to be prepped! Help us prepare meals packs for our community every Tuesday, Thursday & Friday morning from 9am-10am, weekly.


Prayer Team

Prayer is powerful and changes things! Every Friday night we meet at our community center to prayer for our community and our city. Come join us in faith as we pray for God to move in our community and to change lives.


Clothing Distribution

Clothing is so much more than just fashion or even something that simply acts as a covering... it also represents dignity. Putting on a clean shirt or pair of pants can actually fill someone with confidence and a renewed hope. One of the first things the prodigal's father did was cloth his son with a robe. It was an act of restoration and symbolized the son's identity.


Special Events

We love putting on special events, especially during the holidays. We have programs for Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas such as turkey and ham distribution. Other special events for the community include sourcing backpacks and school supplies for kids and we also have community celebration dinners.


Have a donation or contribution?

Do you have contributions of clothing, non-perishable foods items and the like?

Wonderful! Thank you!

Please click the button below to reach out to us for instructions on making your donation.

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